Air conditioner companies

airwell-air-conditionerAirwell air conditioners represent proven, reliable, eco- friendly technology. In addition, they are very simple- to-use. Most air conditioners of the company Airwell have practical infrared remote controls.
amana-air-conditionerAmana never fails to amaze consumers with its high-quality air conditioners. These devices make people’s lives easier. Amana conditioners are products of the brand owned by Maytag Corporation.
beko-air-conditionerBEKO conditioners are based on intelligent solutions that make life easier. These appliances are popular due to successful correlation between their price and quality, functionality and reliability, stylish design and ergonomics. The manufacturer offers a wide variety of classic and inverter air conditioners, wall split systems and mobile mono-blocks.
bryant-air-conditionerBryant is one of the most trusted names in the AC market. Bryant air conditioners let you stay in the coolness and comfort without harming the environment. They are energy efficient and noiseless.
black-decker-air-conditionerBlack&Decker company produces a wide range of equipment and tools. Air conditioners represent one of the key production activities of the company.
carrier-air-conditionerThe brand Carrier is owned by the world’s first company-manufacturer of air conditioners. Its founder Willis Carrier invented air conditioning in the 1902. Now, about 8% of the total number of air conditioners in the world are produced under the brand Carrier.
daikin-air-conditionerThe Japanese Corporation Daikin Industries Limited is a world leader in the field of manufacture of air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. Daikin air-conditioning systems can get heat from the air and use it to heat another part of the building.
delonghi-air-conditionerDeLonghi air conditioners are renowned for their reliability and availability of protection systems. They are high-quality air conditioners for a very reasonable price.
dometic-air-conditionerThe brand Dometic offers roof air conditioners, split systems, built-in air conditioning, marine air conditioners, chillers. Each its device with the kit includes all the necessary installation components and installation materials.
electrolux-air-conditionerOne of the activities of the brand Electrolux is the production of air conditioners, which are very popular among consumers due to their affordable price with the availability of all the necessary functions and many modern additional options. Its product range includes both home climatic equipment and equipment for public institutions and even industrial sites.
friedrich-air-conditionerThe assortment of the American company Friedrich includes a wide range of air conditioners of various power classes, allowing customers to make the best choice. Great attention is given to AC line qualities like durability, energy efficiency, noise reduction, improved ventilation.
frigidaire-air-conditionerOn the AC market, the American brand of household appliances Frigidaire is known especially by its small- size and portable air conditioners. However, you should know that a small air conditioner is not always a low-powered device. Frigidaire HVAC equipment models can easily compete in performance, even with powerful units.
fujitsu-air-conditionerThe history of Fujitsu air-conditioning systems development is a history of persistent and continuing forward to new technological heights from the 1962 onwards. Today air-conditioning systems Fujitsu make the top three leaders of sales in Japan, Europe, America, China, in premium class.
ge-air-conditionerToday General Electric leads the top ten biggest transnational corporations. General Electric experts believe the production of air conditioners is one of the perspective directions of the brand activity. Such features as reliability and durability characterize any product manufactured by General Electric.
goodman-air-conditionerThe American firm Goodman Manufacturing Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of air conditioners. The company improves its products constantly, bringing them to the benchmark of quality and reliability.
haier-air-conditionerHaier air conditioners feature high performance with reduced levels of noise and energy consumption, complying with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001, EUROVENT and have an American certificate of AHAM. Haier produces simple air conditioning systems for residential use and powerful split-systems that will maintain a comfortable temperature in one`s home or small office.
hitachi-air-conditionerHitachi air conditioner work can be seen as an opportunity to use the latest technology ensuring a comfortable stay of a person. Ecology is an important focus of the company. It is taken into account even at the stage of design and assembly.
honeywell-air-conditionerAir conditioners Honeywell represent the brand, the products of which are rarely seen in stores of climate control equipment. However, Honeywell air conditioners possess all technical and consumer characteristics, which reside in reliable, multifunctional and modern climate control equipment.
inverter-air-conditionerAir conditioners of the brand Inverter are able to smoothly regulate the temperature in the premises. Split systems Inverter can accurately maintain set temperature parameters, at the same time, temperature fluctuations are only 1-3 degrees, which provides the maximum comfort for people in a room.
kenmore-air-conditionerKenmore brand is owned by the company KCD IP. It is responsible for sales of household appliances produced by corporations GE, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Electrolux, etc. Kenmore also distributes LG air conditioners.
lennox-air-conditionerLennox is the leading global name in creating a comfortable climate in industrial, commercial and residential premises. These are innovative and advanced solutions in heating and ventilation. Lennox designs and manufactures chillers, fan coil units, roof and precision air conditioners, condensing units and air conditioners for your home.
lg-air-conditionerLG air conditioners are modern and economical solutions for creating a comfortable micro climate. LG air conditioners meet the highest requirements not only due to their functionality and technological modernity, but also thanks to their attractive design.
maytag-air-conditionerThe US firm Maytag has always actively and quickly introduced new inventions and ideas, including on the AC market. Today Maytag is already a major international corporation, which has 10 manufacturing facilities in 5 countries around the world.
midea-air-conditionerMidea Group is a real technological giant of China. It has its own engineering and scientific divisions, which design and manufacture products of excellent quality, including air conditioners.
mitsubishi-air-conditionerMitsubishi focuses on manufacturing of industrial and home air conditioners (more than a million a year). Mitsubishi air conditioners are the most popular due to their versatility and reliability. Mitsubishi provides 3-year guarantee for its air conditioners.
nec-air-conditionerNEC is one of the world’s largest companies. One of its spheres of activity is the production of air conditioners. In addition, it deals with inventions in the sphere of artificial intelligence and is going to develop and produce air conditioners with artificial intelligence in conjunction with Daikin.
panasonic-air-conditionerPanasonic started modernization of the famous models of air conditioners to correspond to the concept of environmental protection. Its new models meet industry standards in the sphere of effects on nature and efficiency. Panasonic product line acquired superior characteristics of power, ease of use, energy efficiency.
pioneer-air-conditionerAll products Rheem get through the quality control and meet regulatory standards in respect of reliability, efficiency and productivity. Each production process, from design to assembly, has been performed to perfection for years.
sanyo-air-conditionerJapanese Sanyo Corporation produces split air conditioning systems, semi-industrial and industrial air conditioners, chillers and VRF systems of the highest quality. Sanyo products take premier places in the world. They are distinguished by high production effectiveness and low energy consumption, as well as environmental friendliness.
samsung-air-conditionerThe ideal air purification by Samsung air conditioners is provided by the presence of the conjugate fiber in the split-systems. Samsung air conditioners can be used in different modes based on user preference. The unique design, compactness, different ways of management and air purification provide optimal micro climate at home.
sharp-air-conditionerSharp air conditioners refer to the A class of energy saving and are differed by unusual design, high efficiency and reliability of work. The use of the unique technology Plasmacluster Air Purifier and automatic control of the ion air balance are their main advantages. Customers also mark the superb assembly quality, comfortable electronic control, low noise.
toshiba-air-conditionerOver the course of its history, Toshiba has earned the reputation of one of the leaders of the climate industry. Air conditioners of this brand are reliable and work in a sustained way. The superior design and reasonable prices make conditioners of this brand popular among a wide range of consumers.
tgm-air-conditionerAir conditioners of the brand TGM are usually mentioned in connection with famous trucks MAN. These units are installed in all modern trucks of the make MAN.
trane-air-conditionerTrane company as a world leader in air conditioning, does everything for the sake of convenience and comfort of people in their homes, as well as in the largest commercial, industrial and office buildings. Trane’s systems and services ranks first in the premium segment of commercial, residential, institutional and industrial markets. They possess the indisputable reputation for their reliability, high quality and innovative products, as well as a strong distribution network.
tripp-lite-air-conditionerOne can enumerate many reasons of local overheating zones of equipment in technological premises. In these cases, previously installed air conditioners may not cope with the rising heat. The task to solve this problem becomes more than relevant. Portable air conditioners Tripp Lite will help out in this case.
whirlpool-air-conditionerWhirlpool air conditioners are proven and reliable home appliances. They are offered with the two- year warranty and at an affordable price. Its budget models and designer`s split-systems possess the A class of energy efficiency and they use the ozone-safe Freon R410A as a refrigerant.
york-air-conditionerModern air conditioners York are designed especially for the use in apartments and offices. All home air conditioners York have heating and cooling functions. They are equipped with a reliable compressor Hitachi.

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