Akai Air Conditioner Fault Codes

The reason for the failure of the air conditioner can be different – temperature sensor on the evaporator is broken, the environment temperature sensor is broken and so on. To determine the cause correctly, the owner will need a good manual. If you are the own of an Akai 18000 BTU or an Akai AC-ZP112 air conditioner, the tables below will be useful for you.

Akai 18000 BTU Air Conditioner Fault

Problem Solution
“ dF ”or heating icon blinks:Blinks once per secondDefrost indication
E2 :Blinks once every 8 seconds:Room temperature sensor fault
E3 :Blinks twice every 8 seconds:Coil temperature sensor
E8 :Blinks 3 times every 8 seconds:Indoor fan fault
E5 :Blinks 6 times every 8 seconds:Outdoor feedback
E7 :Blinks 7 times every 8 seconds:External feedback fault
E0 :Blinks 3 times every 8 seconds:Open the door fault
E1 :Blinks 4 times every 8 seconds:Outdoor tube temperature sensor faults
E6 :Blinks 6 times every 8 seconds:(EEPROM) Communication failures
FF :Blinks once per second:Outdoor temperature exceeds scope (too cold)

Akai AC-ZP112 Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Problem Cause Solution
Error code "E1" in LED windowEnvironment temperature sensor is broken.Replace the temperature sensor
Error code ”E2" in LED windowtemperature sensor on the evaporator is brokenReplace the sensor
Error code "E3" in LED windowCooling system malfunction caused by the lack of refrigerantContact the local repairing technician directly
Error code ”E4" in LED window the red FULL light is brightWater tray is full in the heating mode, but the unit is still workingEmpty water in water plate

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