American standard air conditioner troubleshooting

American Standard Company, Inc. is a world-renowned manufacturer of kitchen appliances and plumbing, air conditioning and control systems for different devices. In 2007, the company began producing exclusively climate control equipment and changed its name to Trane. Refer to the table below for troubleshooting of equipment of this brand.

ProblemPossible causeRemedy
Insufficient heating or coolinga. dirty filtersa. clean or replace
b. air not circulating freelyb. check supply registers and return grills for blockage
c. blocked outdoor coilc. clear away leaves or other debris
Failure to operatea. power offa. make sure main switch is in ON position
b. open circuit breaker or burned-out fusesb. reset circuit breaker, or replace burned-out fuses
c. improperly adjusted thermostatc. check setting, adjust thermostat
No Heating or Cooling — Blower does not operateBlower door removed or ajarClose door securely to restore power to blower
Unusual NoiseCall your local servicer

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