Bostitch Air Compressor Troubleshooting

Bostitch brand has established itself in the market as a reliable and high-quality manufacturer. But technique is not protected from damage. If there is a necessity in Bostitch air compressor troubleshooting the tables below can be very useful for both the air compressor owner and the repairman.

Bostitch BTFP02040 Air Compressor Troubleshoot

Compressor will not run1) Loss of power or overheating1) Check for proper use of extension cord
2) No electrical power2) Check to be sure unit is plugged in. Check fuse/breaker or motor overload
3) Blown shop/house fuse3) Replace shop/house blown fuse
4) Shop/house breaker open4) Reset shop/house breaker, determining why problem happened
5) Thermal overload open5) Motor will restart when cool
6) Pressure switch bad6) Take compressor to service center
7) Tank is full of air7) Compressor will turn on when tank pressure drops to cut-in pressure
Motor hums but cannot run or runs slowly1) Low voltage1) Check with voltmeter
2) Wrong gauge wire or length of extension cord2) Check for proper gauge wire and cord length
3) Shorted or open motor winding3) Take compressor to service center
4) Defective check valve or unloader4) Take compressor to service center
Fuses blow/circuit breaker trips repeatedly1) Incorrect size fuse, circuit overload1) Check for proper fuse, use time-delay fuse, disconnect other electrical appliances from circuit or operate compressor on its own branch circuit
2) Wrong gauge wire or length of extension cord2) Check for proper gauge wire andcord length
3) Defective check valve or under loader3) Take compressor to service center
Thermal overload protector cuts out repeatedly1) Low voltage1) Check with voltmeter
2) Lack of proper ventilation room temperature too high2) Move compressor to well- ventilated area
3) Wrong gauge wire or length of extension cord3) Check for proper gauge wire and cord length
Air receiver pressure drops when compressor shuts off1) Loose connections (fittings, tubing, etc.)1) Take compressor to service center
2) Loose drain valve2) Tighten drain valve
Do not disassemble check valve tank drain valves or safety relief valve with air in tank - bleed tank.
Excessive moisture in discharge air1) Excessive water in air tank1) Drain tank
2) High humidity2) Move to area of less humidity; use air line filter
Compressor runs continuously1) Defective pressure switch1) Take compressor to service center
2) Excessive air usage2) Decrease air usage; compressor not large enough for tool's requirement
Compressor vibrates1) Loose mounting bolts1) Tighten mounting bolts
Air output lower than normal1) Broken inlet valves1) Take compressor to service center

Bostitch BTFP02006 Air Compressor Troubleshoot

1Pressure switch does not shut off motor when compressor reaches cut-out pressureSet the On/Off switch to OFF, if the unit does not shut off contact an authorized service center.
2Pressure switch cut-out too highContact an authorized service center.
3Tube fittings are not tight enoughTighten fittings where air can be heard escaping. Check fittings with soapy water solution. Do Not Overtighten.
4Defective air tankAir tank must be replaced. Do not repair the leak.
Do not drill into.
Weld or otherwise modify air tank or it will weaken. The air tank can rupture or explode.
5Leaking sealsContact an authorized service center.
6Defective safety valveOperate safety valve manually by pulling on ring. If valve still leaks, it must be replaced.
7Regulator is not adjusted correctly for accessory being usedIt is normal for some pressure drop to occur when an accessory is used, adjust the regulator as instructed in Regulator under Features if pressure drop is excessive.
NOTE: Adjust the regulated pressure under flow conditions while accessory is being used.
8Prolonged excessive use of airDecrease amount of air usage.
9Compressor is not large enough for accessoryCheck the accessory air requirement If it is higher than the SCFM or pressure supplied by air compressor, a larger compressor is needed to operate accessory.
10Hole in air hoseReplace air hose.
11Check valve restrictedRemove, clean or replace.
12Air leaksTighten fittings.
13Regulator is damagedReplace.
14Unit operating in damp or humid conditionsMove unit to a dry well ventilated area
15Restricted air intake filterClean or replace air intake filter

Bostitch CWC200ST Air Compressor Troubleshoot

Unit will not runTank pressure exceeds "cut in" pressureOnce pressure drops below "cut in" pressure,the unitwill start.
Extension cord causing excessive amp drawCheck guidelines for proper cord gauge
(use of extension cords is not recommended).
Fuse or circuit trippedReplace fuse or breaker
Unit not turned on or not plugged inCheck pressure switch and verify that it is in the Auto position.
Verify that unit is plugged in.
Air filter plug not removedRemove air plug and install Air filter.
Cold weather conditions (typically temperatures below freezing)Place compressor in warmer environment for at least 30 minutes then try restarting.
Air leaks at fittingsFittings looseTighten fitting. Check with soapy water. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.
Air leak at pressure switchClogged check valveRemove and clean check valve
Unitwill not build pressureApplication requires excessive air demandReduce demand on compressor
Loose headTighten bolts on head
Blown gasketRemove head and check for broken or deformed gasket. Replace if needed.
Unitwill not build pressureWorn or broken valvesRemove head and replace valves.

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