Chigo Air Conditioner Error Codes

Is your air conditioner of Chigo brand faulty? It is not possible to set the desired temperature, the air conditioner turns on, but there is no an airflow or you see a strange error code on the display. The tables below will help you to understand the cause of the failure and fix the problem yourself. You will save time and money without the help of a repairman.

Chigo CMV-MINI Air Conditioner Error Codes

LED displayLED lightMeanings
FETIMER and RUN both flash 4Hz,No address when indoor unit first time power on
ElTIMER flashes at 4HzCommunication error between indoor and outdoor units
E2RUN flashes 4HzTemperature sensor T1 error
E3RUN flashes 4HzTemperature sensor T2 error
E4RUN flashes 4HzTemperature sensor T2B error
E5ALARM flashes 0.5Hz,Outdoor unit error
E6Zero crossing detection error
E7DEFOST flashes 0.5Hz,EEPROM error
E8Indoor fan motor error
E9Wired controller communication error
EEALARM flashes 4HzWater level alarm error
EFDEFOST flashes 4HzMode conflict

Chigo COU-36HSR1 Air Conditioner Error Codes

EFOther faults
EEWater level detection fault
EDOutdoor unit fault protection
ECFresh fault (reserved)
EBFrequency conversion module protection (reserved)
EACompressor overflow (four times) (reserved)
E9Main board and display board communication fault
E8Wind speed detection runaway (reserved)
E7EEPROM error (reserved)
E6Zero crossing detection fault (reserved)
E5T3 sensor fault or T4 or digital compressor discharge temperature sensor fault (reserved)
E4T2B sensor fault
E3T2A sensor fault
E2T1 sensor fault
ElIndoor and outdoor communication fault (reserved)
EOPhase sequence error or phase missing (reserved)
P8Compressor overflow
P7Power supply overvoltage and under voltage protection
P6Exhaust low pressure protection
P5Exhaust high pressure protection
P4Exhaust pipe temperature protection
P3Compressor temperature protection
P2Condenser high temperature protection
PIAnti-cold wind or defrosting protection
POEvaporator temperature protection

Chigo KFR-32GWX1c Air Conditioner Error Codes

DisplayDefinition of fault or protectionRemark
E1Three-phrase power phase sequence fault
E2Communication fault between the outdoor unit and the mastCommunication is interrupted for more than 2 minutes , 20 minutes after the initial power-on or within 20 minutes
E4Temperature sensor fault
E6Condenser tube temperature sensor fault
E9AC over-voltage/under- voltage protection
E10EEPROM fault
HO0513 and DSP communication fault
H4Display P6 protection for 3 times within 30 minutesUnable to restore unless a second power-on
H5Display P2 protection for 3 times within 30 minutesUnable to restore unless a second power-on
Н6Display P4 protection for 3 times within 100 minutesUnable to restore unless a second power-on
Н9Display P9 protection for 2 times within 10 minutesUnable to restore unless a second power-on
Н103 times of P3 protection occurs within 60 minutesUnable to restore unless a second power-on
Р1High voltage protection
Р2Low-voltage protectionDisplay H5 after 3 times of P2 protection within 30 minutes
РЗPrimary/secondary overcurrent protection
Р4Exhaust overheating protection3 time of P4 protection appears within 100 minutes and then H6 occurs
Р5High voltage protection
Р6Module protection3 times of P6 protection appears within 30 minutes and then H4 occurs
Р9DC fan faultDisplay H9 after 2 times of P9 protection within 10 10 minutes
Р10Anti-typhoon protection
Р11Refrigeration T2 overheating protection
Р125 minutes continuous fault on hot air system at area A
LODC compressor module fault
L1DC bus low voltage protection
L2DC bus high voltage protection
L4MCE fault/sync/closed loop
L5Zero speed protection
L7Phase sequence error protection
L815Hz protection
L9Hz Protection

Chigo SA-ZM03ENG-1 Air Conditioner Error Codes

Digital displayWired controller display4LED fault indicationFault Description
EOEOThree-phase power phase sequence fault
E1E1Timing lights flashIndoor and outdoor unit communication failure
E2E2Running lights flashTemperature sensor (T1) fault
E3E3Running lights flashPipe temperature sensor in the evaporator (T2) fault
E4E4Running lights flashPipe temperature sensor in the evaporator (T2B) fault
E5E5Outdoor unit failure
E7E7Defrost lights flash slowlyThe indoor unit EEPROM fault
EEEEWarning lights flashWater over protection
E9E9Indoor unit with line controller communication failure
FOFOIndoor air blower stall protection

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