Chigo Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Chigo air conditioner troubleshooting can take a lot of time and money if you do not have a good manual at hand. 5 tables below contain information about the cause of the problem and different ways to solve it. Therefore, these tables can be useful for the owner of the air conditioner and the repairman.

Chigo HR12LED Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Does not runIf the protector trip or fuse is blown.
Please wait for 3 minutes and start again, protector device may be preventing unit from working.
If batteries in the remote controller exhausted.
If the plug is not properly plugged in.
Runs for a short while onlyIf the set temperature is close to room temperature, you can lower the set temperature.
Air outlet blocked by obstacle.
Take the obstacle away.
Runs but not coolingIf the door or window is open.
If there is another heating appliance working, like heater or lamp, etc. .
The air filter is dirty, please clean it.
Air outlet or intake blocked.
Set temperature is too high.
Water leaks during movingDrain the condensate before moving.
Does not run and water full indicator lightsPull out the rubber plug to drain water.
If it is often in this state, please contact qualified service technicial.

Chigo CSG-07HVR1 Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

• Unit does not operate, stand-by indicator lightsRemote control malfunctions ©The remote control is lockedCheck remote control batteries
Try to operate from a close distance
Start from on-unit controls
Unlock the remote control
• Unit does not respond properly to remote control commandIR signal does not reach unit ©Distance between remote control and unit too large or aimed at from improper angleCheck for obstruction between unit and remote control, clear if needed.
IR receiver on-unit exposed to strong light sourceGet closer to unit Dim lights, fluorescents especially
• Air does not blow out from indoor unit© -icing protection mode is activated © Unit AUTO FAN mode ©Over cooling in DRYNormal operation in HEATING mode operation in DRY mode
• COOLING , DRY or HEATING does not start immediately3-min,Compressor delayed startNormal operation for these modes
• Unit functions but does not perform sufficientlyImproper temperature setting ©Unit capacity in sufficient for load or room sizeReset temperature
Consult your dealer

Chigo V64T9AD Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Trouble displayFaulty contents
The timing lamp lightens all the time, the sleeping lamp lightens 2 times , and then extinguish 2 seconds«Communication fault
The timing lamp lightens all the time, the sleeping lamp lightens 5 times , and then extinguish 2 seconds«Indoor fan fault
The timing lamp lightens all the time, the sleeping lamp lightens 3 times , and then extinguish 2 seconds«Indoor temp, sensor fault
The timing lamp lightens all the time, the sleeping lamp lightens 4 times , and then extinguish 2 seconds«Indoor coil outlet temp, sensor fault
Indoor coil inlet temp, sensor fault
Indoor coil middle temp, sensor fault
The timing lamp lightens 1 time , and then extinguish 1 second«Mode conflict
The running lamp lightens 1 time , and then extinguish 1 second«Defrosting or anti cold air

Chigo CCB 12HR1 Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

High pressure failureGreen light flashes once every 5s
Low pressure failureGreen light flashes 2 times every 5s
Temperature sensorT3 failureGreen light flashes 3 times every 5s
Overflow test failureGreen light flashes 4 times every 5s
Phase sequence test failureGreen light flashes 5 times every 5s
Exhaust temperature over-high failureGreen light flashes 6 times every 5s
Normal communication receivingYellow light keeps constant on
No communication receivingYellow light extinguishes
Communication failure warningYellow light flashes

Chigo KYD-25XC Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Air conditioner does not operate at allIs power fail?It is normal.
Is plug out?Push the plug into the wall socket, change the fuse or switch on.
Is power fuse or switch off?Pour the water out of the water tank.
If drain tank indicator is lit?Push the water tank into rigth place.
If the water tank is placed correctly? If SET TIME suitable?Change SET TIME
Cooling efficiency is not goodIs air inlet or outlet locking?Clear the locking
Is there any other heat source in room? Are air filters dirty very much?Move the heat source
Is SET TEMP, suitable?Clean the air filter
Is indoor fan speed set at low?Set temperature suitable
Set suitable fan speed.
Too noise and vibrationIt is the inner liquid (refrigerantgeration) flowing inside.It is normal
Is it inclines?Place it in a horizontal floor
The machine start and stop frequentlyIs the voltage of the power source normal? Is the air exhaust fixed rightly or be bended?Keep the power source in rated
Are you add air exhaust yourself?Try to keep the air exhaust horizonal not permit enlarge Don't add air exhaust yourself and remove it

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