Coleman Mach Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Coleman Mach air conditioner Troubleshooting

Manufacturers use error codes to ensure that in the case of failure, it will be easy to determine the cause. But not all breakages have their own code. For example, if there is necessary for Coleman Mach air conditioner troubleshooting fault can be identified by description too, as in the table.

No Heat or Cooling1. Thermostat for proper settings.Set thermostat to proper setting.-
2. Circuit breakers and fuses.Reset circuit breakers - Replace blown fuses.-
3. Check outdoor unit for dirty coil (Cooling).Clean coil2
4. Indoor unit for dirty filter (Heating)Clean or replace2
Wet on Floor or in FurnaceCondensate drain and "P" trapRemove blockage, usually mold or fungus.-

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