Hello everyone!

I am Charles Gittelman, a technician who has repaired and installed over 5,000 air conditioners over the ten years I have been working in the field. Although now I’m retired, I still troubleshoot or repair an air conditioner now and then – typically, for a friend or neighbor who has been my client for years and whom I just can’t say “no.”
When I started this blog in 2016, I was not sure I will keep my interest in it for more than a year or two. Yet, I soon discovered there were quite a few readers and I often got feedback from them. This made me think the information I share is valuable, so I decided to write more on the topic.

I went a long way to get this knowledge and I did not want it to get just lost (and this is what would have happened when I retired).
As an HVAC technician, I started from the bottom. Initially, I wanted to know if I like the trade or not. In the beginning, it was pretty hard and unrewarding. For a couple of years, I worked in new construction running duct in new homes. I spent two more years doing retrofits, which was even harder work, I can tell you. I pulled old oil and coal furnaces out of attics and basements and installed natural gas furnaces instead. The hardest part was running the gas pipe in tight crawl spaces.

In 2006, I started to work as a service technician, and this was my only job until I retired in 2016. Physically, this job is not as hard as the ones I did previously. Yet, it took me several months to understand how things work so that I could do the job properly: learn to read and interpret wiring diagrams and electrical ladder diagrams, understand the refrigeration cycle and pressures, temperatures, etc.

My blog is dedicated to educating homeowners about how they can resolve various issues with their air conditioners. Those who have little to no experience may use this blog to solve the simplest problems. I explain what to check before calling out a pro. In many cases, even these simple steps will return the air conditioner to life.
If they do not help and you feel the issue is too challenging, you will use this information to explain your situation to the technician when you call your local service firm. Your words will help the tech to figure out how much time will be necessary and what tools might be required for the work.

Those who are confident in their knowledge may try to tackle more serious malfunctions – I write about such cases, too.
In other words, here, on this website, you will find a comprehensive guide to air conditioner maintenance and repair.