Daikin air error codes

Daikin air conditioners have an advanced function of self-diagnostics. Each user can determine an error of the Daikin air conditioner on his own. Daikin air error codes table provided below will help everyone here. Further, the user himself or a service center specialist possessing the information reported by the air conditioner, founds ways of the error removal.

Daikin FTX25JVEA9 air error codes

CauseCode IndicationDescription of Problem
UOInsufficient gas
USPower factor module abnormality
WSignal transmission error (between indoor and outdoor units)
USSignal transmission error (between indoor unit and remote controller)
Indoor UnitR1Faulty indoor unit PCB
R3Faulty drainage
R 5Operation halt due to the freeze protection function or high pressure control
R6Fan motor or related abnormality
CH or csHeat exchanger temperature thermistor abnormality
C3Room temperature thermistor abnormality
CRDischarge air temperature thermistor abnormality
Outdoor UnitESOL activation (IT activation) or High discharge pipe temperature
E6Compressor startup error
F3Operation halt due to discharge pipe control function
H8CT or related abnormality
H3Outside air thermistor or related abnormality
J3Discharge pipe temperature thermistor or related abnormality
J6Heat exchanger temperature thermistor or related abnormality
J3Gas pipe temperature thermistor or related abnormality
LHRadiation fin temperature rise
P3Heat radiation fin thermistor or related abnormality
PHHeat radiation fin thermistor or related abnormality
EOProtectors Function

Daikin Super Multi Plus E-Series FTXG25EV1BW air error codes

Error codeDescription
Indoor UnitA1Indoor unit PCB abnormality
A3Drain level control system abnormality
A5Freeze-up protection control or heating peak-cut control
A6Fan motor or related abnormality
A7Swing motor look
A9Electronic expansion valve abnormality
AFDrain system abnormality
C4Thermistor or related abnormality
C5Thermistor or related abnormality
C7Front panel open / close fault
C9Thermistor or related abnormality
CJRemote controller thermistor abnormality
Outdoor UnitE1Outdoor unit PCB abnormality
E2BP unit PCB abnormality
E3Actuation of high pressure switch
E4Actuation of low pressure switch
E5Compressor motor lock
E7Outdoor fan motor abnormality
E9Moving part of electronic expansion valve (Y1E, Y3E) abnormality
F3Discharge pipe temperature abnormality
F6Refrigerant overcharged
H9Outdoor temperature thermistor (R1T) abnormality
JOBP liquid or gas pipe thermistor abnormality
J3Discharge pipe thermistor (R2T) abnormality
J5Suction pipe thermistor (R3T, R5T) abnormality
J6Outdoor heat exchanger thermistor (R4T) abnormality
J7Outdoor liquid pipe thermistor (R7T) abnormality
J9Subcooling heat exchanger gas pipe thermistor (R6T) abnormality
JAHigh pressure sensor abnormality
JCLow pressure sensor abnormality
L1Outdoor unit PCB abnormality
L4Radiation fin temperature rise
L5Inverter compressor abnormality
L8Inverter current abnormality
L9Inverter start-up error
P1High voltage of capacitor in main inverter circuit
P4Radiation fin thermistor abnormality
SystemU0Low pressure drop due to refrigerant shortage or electronic expansion valve abnormality
U2Power supply insufficient or instantaneous failure
U3Check operation is not conducted.
U4Transmission error between indoor unit and BP unit
U5Transmission error between remote controller and indoor unit
U8Transmission error between main and sub remote controllers
U9Transmission error between indoor unit and outdoor unit in the same system
UAField setting switch abnormality
Excessive number of indoor units
UCAddress duplication of central remote controller
UETransmission error between centralized remote controller and indoor unit
UFSystem is not set yet
UHSystem abnormality refrigerant system address undefined
UJTransmission error between outdoor unit and BP unit

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