Electrolux Air Conditioner Fault Codes

The company Electrolux is widely known. The brand is recognized due to the quality of equipment. What should you do if your air conditioner become broken? A manual will help you to understand the error code system. Below there are 5 manuals for different models of air conditioners. They will help you to understand the cause of the error and fix the problem.

Electrolux EXH09HL1W Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Not OperatingNo operation by use of remote control.
EOEEPROM parameter error. (Indoor Unit)
FOOver current error
F4EEPROM parameter error. (Outdoor Unit)
ElIndoor / outdoor units communication protection.
FI, F2 & F3Open or short circuit of outdoor condenser pipe, outdoor ambient temperature & compressor temperature sensors.
E4 & E5Open or short circuit of room or evaporator temperature sensors.
F5, L2 & PAHigh & Low-temperature protection of condenser / Outdoor fan motor feedback circuit error.
POModule protection.
P2Temperature protection of compressor top - low refrigerant charge.
P4Inverter compressor drive error.
PIOver voltage or too low voltage protection.
E3Indoor fan motor circuit error.

Electrolux Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Red Light OperationGreen Light TimerCause / Solution
Off2 FlashesReverse Comms Fail at Startup
Off3 FlashesReverse Comms Fail In Use
Off4 FlashesFoward Comms Fail at Startup
Off5 FlashesFoward Comms Fail In Use
Off8 FlashesWired Remote Control Failure
2 Flashes2 FlashesIndoor Air Sensor Fail
2 Flashes3 FlashesIndoor Pipe Sensor Fail
2 Flashes4 FlashesIndoor heat exchanger sensor error
2 Flashes6 FlashesFloat switch operated
3 Flashes2 FlashesOutdoor Disch Sensor Fail
3 Flashes3 FlashesOutdoor Pipe Sensor Fail
3 Flashes4 FlashesOutdoor Air Sensor Fail
3 Flashes7 FlashesHeatsink Sensor Error
3 Flashes8 FlashesCompressor Temp Sensor Fail
4 Flashes2 FlashesForced Auto Switch Welded
4 Flashes3 FlashesMain Relay Welded
4 Flashes4 FlashesPower Failure
4 Flashes7 FlashesVDD Permanent Stop Protection
4 Flashes8 FlashesReverse VDD Permanent Stop
5 Flashes2 FlashesIPM Protection
5 Flashes3 FlashesCT Abnormal
5 Flashes5 FlashesCompressor Failure
5 Flashes6 FlashesOutdoor Fan Failure
6 Flashes2 FlashesIndoor Fan Motor Locked
6 Flashes3 FlashesIndoor Fan Motor Rotation Error
7 Flashes2 FlashesHigh Discharge Temperature
7 Flashes3 FlashesHigh Pressure
7 Flashes4 Flashes4-Way valve abnormal
7 Flashes5 FlashesPressure Switch Fail
7 Flashes6 FlashesCompressor Temperature error
8 Flashes2 FlashesActive Filter AFM Fail 1st Time
8 Flashes3 FlashesActive Filter AFM Fail 2nd Time
8 Flashes4 FlashesPFC Circuit Error
BlinkingBlinkingPCB Failure

Electrolux BCC-12E Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Display of indoor unitRunning IndoorCooling IndoorHeating IndoorYellow OutdoorRed OutdoorGreen OutdoorName of malfunction
E223Anti-freezing protection
E339System block or refrigerant leakage
E447Compressor exhaust high temperature protection
E555AC over-current protection
E66OFFCommunication failure between indoor unit and outdoor unit
E886Anti-high temperature protection
H611No feedback of indoor fan motor
C515Jumper cap malfunction protection
LP1916Indoor unit and outdoor unit doesn't match
L32314Outdoor DC fan motor malfunction
L9209Power protection
Fo11Gathering refrigerant
F11Indoor ambient sensor open or short circuit
F22Indoor tube sensor open or short circuit
F336Outdoor ambient sensor open or short circuit
F445Outdoor tube sensor open or short circuit
F557Exhaust sensor open or short circuit
F663Overload limit / drop frequency
F881Over current limit / drop frequency
F992High exhaust temperature limit / drop frequency
FH224Anti-freezing limit / drop frequency
H338Compressor overload protection
H554IPM protection
HC614PFC protection
EE1511Loading EEPROM malfunction
PH1113High PN voltage protection
PL2112Low PN voltage protection
U7204-way valve reversal abnormal
POCompressor Min frequence in test state
P1Compressor rated frequence in test state
P2Compressor maximum frequence in test state
P3Compressor intermediate frequence in test state
LU2413Frequency limiting (power)
1Compressor is running(normal)
8The temperature for turning on the unit is reached(normal)
EU6611Frequency limiting (module temperature )

Electrolux EAWE12E6CJW Air Conditioner Fault Codes

LED GreenLED RedLED OrangeLED YellowDescription
OnOnOnOffAnti-Freezer Limit – Frequency Drop
OnOnOnFlashingIPM Over Temperature Limit
OnOffOnFlashingCompressor Discharge High Temp Protection
OnOffOnOnAnti-High Temperature Protection
OnOffOnOffAnti-Freeze Protection
OnOffFlashingOff4-Way Valve Malfunction
OnOffFlashingFlashingAnti-High Temperature Protection
OnOffFlashingOnIPM High Temperature Protection
OnFlashingOnOffRefrigeration System Blocked or Gas Leakage
OffOnOnOffLow Voltage Protection
OffOnOffFlashingHigh Voltage Protection
OffOnOnOnDrop in Supply Voltage
OffOnOffOnCapacitor Charge Malfunction
OffOnFlashingOffAC Over-Current Protection
OffOnFlashingOnAC Current Detect Circuit Malfunction
OffOnFlashingFlashingPFC Protection
OffOffOffOnLoading EEPROM Malfunction
OffOffOnFlashingIPM Sensor Circuit Malfunction
OffOffOffFlashingCommunication Fault
OffOffFlashingOnOutdoor Ambient Sensor
OffOffFlashingOffOutdoor Coil Sensor
OffOffFlashingFlashingOutdoor Compressor Discharge Sensor
OffFlashingOnFlashingSystem Pressure to High
OffFlashingOnOffCompressor Phase Detection Circuit Malfunction
OffFlashingOffOffCompressor Current Out of Normal Range
OffFlashingOffFlashingStart-up Failure
OffFlashingOffOnIPM Protection
OffFlashingFlashingOffCompressor Overload Protection

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