Mcquay Air Conditioning Error Codes

If you have broken air conditioning brand Mcquay do not rush to call the repairman. Perhaps one of the tables below could help you to save your money and time. The tables show Mcquay air conditioning error codes. This information will help you to determine the cause of the failure and fix it yourself.

Mcquay MDB075D Air Conditioning Error Codes

Error codePossible fault
E01Require manual reset (possible causes)
E02Compressor 1 high temperature (overload)
E03Compressor 2 high temperature(overload)
E04Compressor 3 high temperature(overload)
E05Compressor 4 high temperature(overload)
E06Compressor 1 high pressure trip / contact open
E07Compressor 2 hiqh pressure trip / contact open
E08Compressor 3 high pressure trip / contact open
E09Compressor 4 hiqh pressure trip / contact open
E10Compressor 1 trip / low R-22 / outdoor abnormal
E11Compressor 2 trip / low R-22 / outdoor abnormal
E12Compressor 3 trip / low R-22 / outdoor abnormal
E13Compressor 4 trip / low R-22 / outdoor abnormal
E14Room sensor short
E15Room sensor open
E16Indoor coil sensor 1 short
E17Indoor coil sensor 2 short
E18Indoor coil sensor 3 short
E19Indoor coil sensor 4 short
E20Indoor coil sensor 1 open
E21Indoor coil sensor 2 open
E22Indoor coil sensor 3 open
E23Indoor coil sensor 4 open
E24Outdoor coil sensor 1 short
E25Outdoor coil sensor 2 short
E26Outdoor coil sensor 3 short
E27Outdoor coil sensor 4 short
E28Outdoor coil sensor 1 open
E29Outdoor coil sensor 2 open
E30Outdoor coil sensor 3 open
E31Outdoor coil sensor 4 open
E32Compressor 1 de-ice
E33Compressor 2 de-ice
E34Compressor 3 de-ice
E35Compressor 4 de-ice

Mcquay MWM Air Conditioning Error Codes

Power LED IndicatorTime LED IndicatorHeat LED IndicatorOperation / Faulty Indication
ONCooling mode
ONONTimer On
ONONHeating mode
ONBLINKINGAuto mode in cooling operation
ONONAuto mode in heating operation
BLINKING 1 timeCompressor overload protection
BLINKING 2 timesPump fault
BLINKING 3 timesGas leak
BLINKING 1 timeRoom air sensor contact loose / short
BLINKING 2 timesIndoor coil sensor contact loose I open
BLINKING 3 timesOutdoor coil sensor contact loose / open

Mcquay MVCU Air Conditioning Error Codes

Seven SegmentsFaulty Indication
E1 blinkingRoom air sensor contact loose / short
E2 blinkingIndoor coil sensor contact loose
E3 blinkingOutdoor coil sensor contact loose
E4 blinkingCompressor overload protection /
Indoor coil sensor short /
Outdoor coil sensor short
E5 blinkingGas leak
E6 blinkingPump fault
HEAT LED blinkingDefrost mode (SLM3 only)

Mcquay M5MAC Air Conditioning Error Codes

ON or OFFON GREENON or OFFCooling mode
ON or OFFON REDON or OFFHeating mode
ON or OFFON REDON or OFFAuto mode in heating operation
ON or OFFON GREENON or OFFAuto mode in cooling operation
ONONTimer On
ONONSleep mode On
ONONIonizer On
BLINKINGRoom air sensor contact loose / short Outdoor coil sensor contact loose / short
BLINKINGBLINKINGIndoor coil sensor contact open
BLINKINGBLINKINGCompressor overload protection Gas leak
BLINKINGDefrost mode

Mcquay MCM 061 CR Air Conditioning Error Codes

COOLDRYFANHEATOperation/ Faulty Indicator
ONCooling mode
ONDry mode
ONFan mode
ONHeat mode
BLINKINGONAuto mode in heating operation
ONBLINKINGAuto mode in heating operation
BLINKINGDefrost operation
BLINKINGCompressor overload protection
BLINKINGOutdoor coil sensor contact loose/short
BLINKINGRoom air sensor contact loose/short

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