Teco Air Conditioner Fault Codes

According to statistics, more than half of the breakdowns of air conditioners do not require a calling to repairman. But without a good manual is very difficult to determine the cause of failure. 2 tables below are dedicated to Teco air conditioner troubleshooting. They describe in detail the possible causes of failure and the way of troubleshooting.

Teco TWW40CFCG Air Conditioner Fault Codes

DefrostTimerAutoType of FaultOur Interpretation
*Module Protection
*Compressor top protection against temperatureCompressor overheating or faulty discharge thermistor
*Outdoor ambient sensor abnormalCondenser air thermistor faulty
**Too low or high voltage supplyVoltage supply error, check supply voltage
***Indoor ambient sensor abnormalIndoor air thermistor faulty
**FlashFan speed beyond controlFaulty fan motor
Flashzero crossing examination error
Flash*Temperature fuse protection or Indoor / outdoor do not matchCondenser overheating, check fan speed and condenser heat exchanger or non matching indoor outdoor unit (check model and type)
FlashEEPROM data ErrorEEPROM error
FlashFlashFlashIndoor outdoor communication faultIndoor / Outdoor PCB or cabling faulty
**Indoor outdoor communication faultIndoor / Outdoor PCB

Teco TWW60HFCG Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Error codeCause / Solution
E0 or 00Communication error - indoor to remote
E1 or 01Communication error - indoor to outdoor
E2 or 02Indoor Air Thermistor Open
E3 or 03Indoor Air Thermistor Shorted
E4 or 04Indoor Coil Thermistor Open
E5 or 05Indoor Coil Thermistor Shorted
E6 or 06Outdoor Coil Thermistor Open
E7 or 07Outdoor Coil Thermistor Shorted
E8 or 08Power source connection failure
E9 or 09Drain Problem (float switch activated)
EA or 0AOutdoor Air Thermistor Open
EB or 0BOutdoor Air thermistor Shorted
EC or 0CDischarge Thermistor Open
ED or 0DDischarge Thermistor Shorted
EE or 0EHigh pressure problem
EF or 0FCheck refrigerant
1ACompressor failure
1BOutdoor fan motor failure

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