Who Invented The Air Conditioner?

1902 is believed to be the year of the air conditioner’s inception, when Willis Carrier, an American engineer, designed a hitherto unknown device for a printing office in New York. Structurally, it was a genuine air conditioner, except it was designed to reduce humidity, because it was bad print quality, rather than cool down the room.

who invented the air conditioner

It was in the mid-1920s that first tentative steps in that direction were made, when an air conditioning system was installed in a supermarket in Detroit. However, in those days an air conditioner was ab unaffordable rarity, and it had to be tailored to a particular type of building.

In the mid-1940s, when first compact one-room devices were designed, the technology began its pace around the world. The production of so-called window air conditioners (AC) was first launched in the USA and, later, in Europe and Japan. That was a tremendous move forward. Installation process is unabashedly simple, and it does not require professional background or expensive tools. Plus, Freon, which is used as a coolant, will not freeze even at extremely low temperatures. All that spurred the AC boom, sending prices down to a generally affordable level.

who invented air conditioning

The Middle East oil boom fueled the expansion of the air conditioning industry, because Middle East countries joined the list of major AC users along with the USA and Japan, as early as in the 1970s. Today, window AC units are still popular, except in warmer climates they are installed in thin walls rather than in windows.

Another important step in development of climate control technologies was the introduction of a pioneer split system in 1961. It was a team of Japanese engineers who decided to divide an AC into two parts and keep the noisiest one outside. First split systems featured wall-mounted indoor units. Later, systems featuring pillar-mounted, floor-standing, ceiling-mounted, cassette and ducted indoor units, were introduced. Also, ACs with one outdoor and two or more indoor units – so called multi-split systems, were invented. In Japan, this work evolved into an alternative to central air conditioning – a VRF system, which can create a comfortable environment in a dozen of rooms at once.

who invented the air conditioner

Today, most split systems are manufactured and sold in East and Southeast Asia, Europe, and Australia. In Americas, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Middle East, vice versa, window ACs are still widely used.

Besides, the Europeans have their own kind of device – a portable AC, which does not need to be mounted and can be carried from one room to another. Italy is the main manufacturer of this kind of AC.

Manufacturers of central air conditioning systems that cool down large rooms and even whole buildings, have done a good job too.

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